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TrustPort USB Antivirus Latest

TrustPort USB Antivirus crack is the excellent security software. It is designed to provide dedicated tools to scan the system and other PCs in the network. This program can only installed on a USB flash drive. TrustPort USB Antivirus will take a minimum amount of system resource. It contains all the features of a powerful antivirus product. TrustPort USB Antivirus latest version includes demand scanning, real-time protection, virus definition updates and useful tools to enhance the power of security. It contains user-friendly interference with easy to navigate tools. TrustPort USB Antivirus also gives you immediate statistics display directly from the main window.TrustPort USB Antivirus latest version


TrustPort USB Antivirus serial key allows you to start to scan any time you want. It includes virus scan, updates the database against the virus, securely wipes data and much more. It can view USB quarantine or logs, view scanned and infected files and configuration scanning time. TrustPort USB Antivirus patch includes an expert customization mode for professional users. It gives you detailed options regarding on-demand security. TrustPort USB Antivirus gives you the secure shredding, updates, logs, and encryption. It supports 32 & 64-bit operating systems. This protects your system against viruses, Trojan and other malicious files entering from USB.

Since TrustPort USB Antivirus serial number is installed on your USB drive; this is entirely portable. It is very helpful for scanning without any prior of installation. TrustPort USB Antivirus keygen lets sensitive data to be stored securely on encrypted archive of USB drive in case of any loss. It is also compatible with all the operating windows. It also contains protection against any user attempt to copy the file, the app, in this case, it will block the action.TrustPort USB Antivirus keygen

TrustPort USB Antivirus Features:

  • Intuitive user interference and simple to use
  • Encrypt data
  • Universal use
  • Auto updates permanent protection
  • Proactive protection
  • Compatible with all type of windows
  • Scanning on demand
  • Offers complete protection against all viruses and spyware
  • Secure shredding

TrustPort USB Antivirus serial number

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