Fishing for Fisher Part One

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Fishing for Fisher Part One

Chapter One

Conner Robinson was about to turn twenty-one years old, and his Birthday party was this coming weekend. Conner couldn't wait. His party was going to be huge and all of his friends and family would be there. Conner knew he'd get a lot of money and gifts on this landmark Birthday of twenty-one!

Conner had a slim but athletic "swimmer's build", wavy light brown hair parted to the left, big blue eyes, and a million dollar smile. He was very /cute/">cute in a sort of dorky way, not traditionally handsome, but very attractive none-the-less.

Conner was gay and he wanted Fisher Jones so much it hurt. He had known Fisher since they were kids, and the two boys had free porn movies download grown up in the same part of town. They were good friends - not "best" friends - but fairly close. They would hang out in a group setting when all of the gang got together for a night out. Conner and Fisher were the life of the party, and would tease and joke with each other, making everyone laugh.

Fisher Jones was young-looking for being twenty: a clean-shaven boyish face, longish dark-brown hair parted in the middle, narrow blue eyes and a cute crooked smile that made dimples form in his cheeks. Fisher was very skinny, with long, thin legs and he always wore very short athletic shorts that showed off his pale thighs.

Conner had been "crushing" of Fisher ever since they met, which seemed like an eternity ago. Conner wanted Fisher, but he had never been brave enough to ask his friend if he was gay. Conner was too shy for that. However, he had his suspicions about Fisher. Fisher never had a girlfriend, and neither had Conner. Sometimes Fisher acted a bit effeminate, maybe flipping his wrist or standing in a almost girlish pose at times. Little things like that made Conner wonder if his buddy was like him...homosexual. He sure hoped so. He would love to spend the rest of his life with Fisher.

It was two days before his twenty-first Birthday and it was extremely hot outside. The whole Summer had been miserable thus far, with record-breaking temperatures scorching the small town of Mt. Oliver, Illinois for almost two weeks now. Conner was all alone up in his room, sitting at his computer desk, checking his email.

There was nothing new in his inbox and there was nobody around. Conner's parents were out of town on business and wouldn't return until his Birthday Bash on Saturday afternoon. And Conner's younger brother was out with his friends - probably at the mall or at the bowling alley. Nobody wanted to go outside in the extreme temps, but Conner was bored. He started thinking about what he could do for entertainment. He looked across the room at his alarm clock that was perched on his nightstand. It was almost 2 pm. The day was slipping away from him slowly but surely.

Conner pushed his rolling chair away from his desk, stood, straightened up his skinny jeans and walked downstairs to the kitchen. He was so bored! He wanted to invite somebody over. Fisher maybe? No, Fisher usually didn't just hang out with him alone. He never saw Fisher unless their whole group of friends were together and out on the town. But maybe if he invited Fisher to go with him someplace?

Yeah, Fisher was a restless kind of guy and always wanted some kind of action. He didn't like just sitting in the house and having a staring contest. Fisher wanted to be on the move, so Conner tried to think of somewhere they could go hang out: The mall? No, too childish. The diner? No, too much like old men. The public pool? Yes! The public pool! He and Fisher could go swimming. Fisher was an avid swimmer and even coached kids in scuba-diving. Plus, that way, Conner could see Fisher in his swim trunks without a shirt on!

Conner was very proud of his plan and dialed Fisher's number on his cell phone, but only got his love interest's voice-mail. Conner debated on leaving a message but decided to do so.

"Hey, Fish, it's Con-dawg," Conner said, casually into the phone. "Um, I'm goin' over to the public pool today about two-thirty or so, and if you are not busy or doing anything, I'd like you to join me. It's really hot...I thought you'd like to go swimmin' with me. Catch ya later, man. Buh-bye."

Conner left the message and then looked at his cell for a moment, wondering if he should have bothered. Fisher was fairly popular and was probably hanging out with Jim or Casey or even the whole group maybe. He wasn't interested in being alone with lame old Conner Robinson. Conner shook his head sadly, went upstairs to grab his own swim trunks, and headed outside to the garage.

Chapter Two

Conner pulled into the parking lot at the public pool in his old, beat-up gray 68' Chevy Camaro, the smoke rolling off the hood as he parked. The car was over-heating, as it always did in this unbearably hot weather. I'll worry about it after my swim, Conner thought.

He reached over into the black leather passenger seat and picked up his bright orange swimming trunks with the white palm trees printed on them, and got out of the car. He walked into the large building with aluminum siding that housed the pool. He was surprised to see there was nobody in there at all. But then he realized it was a Thursday afternoon and a lot of people were still at work or running errands. The pool usually didn't see much excitement until after five o'clock. Conner walked briskly to the locker-room across the way to change his clothes.

He pushed open the heavy metal door to the locker-room and went inside, clutching his balled-up trunks in his left hand. The big cement block room with the cold concrete floor was also vacant. There was the overwhelming odor of soap and sweaty clothes filling the air. Conner liked the smell. It reminded him of hot guys! It reminded him of how much he loved Fisher.

There were rows of outdated tan lockers, dotted with rust, and crude, flat wooden benches ran between the rows for people to sit on. Conner tossed his orange trunks down on the bench and opened one of the middle lockers. He pulled up his tight shirt with the dragon printed on it, his thick hair flopping as the shirt snapped off over his head. He tossed the shirt in the locker. He unbuckled his black leather belt with the western-style oval buckle and then unzipped his skinny faded blue jeans, letting them drop to the floor.

 He kicked the pants off and then bent over to pick them up. He folded his jeans and put them in the locker with the shirt. Then, he peeled off his black socks and tossed them inside the locker, as well. All that was left to take off now was his tight red boxer-briefs. He snapped the elastic band first and started to remove the shorts when he was startled by a loud whistle....

"Whoa, baby!" came a young male voice from behind Conner, and still wearing his undies, he whirled to see who was there.

Conner couldn't believe his eyes. Three boys were standing there, all about age eighteen. They were a pack of very skinny skater boys that Conner had seen around the neighborhood on several occasions. Usually, the three young men were toting skateboards and wearing baggy cargo shorts or pants, fancy colorful t-shirts and bright sneakers. But at the moment, they were all stark naked and dripping wet. They had obviously come out of the shower room, the door marked showers was just behind them and still swinging back and forth.

"Oh, uh, hi there," Conner said, embarrassed. This was very awkward, and he felt his face growing hot and red as he began to blush. "I didn't know anyone else was here...."

The three cute and toned skaters exchanged glances and then chuckled among themselves, making Conner feel more embarrassed. They are laughing at me blatantly, he thought. He decided to just ignore them. But he couldn't help but look up and down at their young and sexy bodies just once. They were all about the same height and build, with lean muscle and narrow waists. Each boy was slightly tanned, and had dark, shaggy hair, which /hung/">hung in their eyes.

All three were packing /big/big-cocks/">big cocks, hanging limp in front of saggy balls. Conner guessed each boy was at least eight inches long or more if they were fully erect. They each had thick, black bushes of pubic hair which trailed off in a small path up to their belly-buttons. Otherwise, their young bodies were mostly smooth and hairless.

Conner gulped as the trio of teenagers walked by him and over to lockers. They started to dry off with their towels. Conner hurriedly yanked off his underwear and put on his swimming trunks. He closed his locker and walked quickly out to the pool area.

Conner dived into the cool refreshing water of the indoor swimming pool. It was amazing after being outside in one-hundred degree weather. He wished he had a pool at home, but his folks couldn't afford that. He needed a new car and couldn't even get that. He was lucky to have that old gray heap he called a car.

Conner splashed around in the pool, and swam back and forth several times. But for some reason, within about ten minutes, he grew tired of it. He glanced around the big open room that surrounded the pool. Nobody in sight...not even Fisher. I guess he's not coming, Conner decided. Sad and dejected, he climbed out of the pool and walked toward the locker-room.

Chapter Three

Conner went into the shower room. He figured he better get under some clean water and wash the chlorine and possible urine off of his body. It was a big concrete room, with rows of metal shower heads running along the back wall, and big drains in the middle of the tile floor. Conner walked to the nearest shower and pulled the chain to turn on the water.

He started to wash his light brown hair with some shampoo that was sitting on the wooden ledge under the shower head. The warm water felt really good running down his smooth physique. He grabbed a bar of Irish Spring soap off the ledge and began to lather up his arms and pecks. He washed under his hairy armpits, and then moved full hd xvideo download down and soaped-up his seven inch cock and nuts. He washed his curly, light brown pubic hair and in-between his thighs.

After a thorough shower, Conner dried himself off and went out to the locker-room. He got dressed and headed for the doorway, but it wouldn't open. The door that lead back outside was locked. But why? He tried to turn the handle both ways and couldn't budge the door. Maybe the old heavy door was just jammed, so he tried kicking it but ended up hurting his toes. Damn it, he was trapped. Starting to feel a bit claustrophobic, Conner yelled for help.

"Hey, I'm trapped in here!" he called out. "Can anyone hear me! I am locked in the boy's locker-room!"

"You're not going anywhere, dude," came a voice off to his left. Conner looked over. It was the lead skater boy, flanked on either side by his two cohorts. The trio was now dried and fully dressed in their skater clothes, one of them in a backwards cap.
"What is going on?" Conner found himself asking. He was beginning to shake with fear. What were these boys going to do to him? They were younger and even a bit smaller, but there were three of them and only one of him. He was in trouble!

The three boys didn't say a word, just s cocky smirk appeared on the leader's face, and they bum-rushed Conner. The two sidekick boys grabbed Conner by his arms and the leader stood in front of him, grinning.
"We just want to borrow a little money, man," the leader said. He reached into Conner's pocket and fished out their captive's brown leather wallet. It had twenty-two dollars in it. The boy pocketed the money, and tossed the wallet on the floor over his shoulder.