The Diversion Part 2

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The Diversion Part 2

As for Halleck, he was greeted as usual by Jane, who kissed him with fervor and desire, as she really did enjoy their liaisons. In fact, she was falling in love with the old man, despite herself, because they had been screwing each other for 20 years by now. It had acted as a surrogate for a long-term relationship for both of them at times, and now for Jane, it was becoming such a relationship to xnxxv sunny leone video her.
She had never resented his other women, especially his wives, particularly since they tended to come and go, while she was still in his life.

Jane did not want marriage from Halleck- just his love. She also wanted him to help out her niece, Rita, who had just broken up with her loser boyfriend Dick, a heroin addict. Dick did nothing for Rita at the time right before the break-up, and she finally had to give up on the slacker, who wouldn't even fuck her anymore. His need for heroin had suppressed even his sex drive, he lost his last job due to sheer absenteeism, and he even stole money from Rita to support his habit. That was the point where she decided to dump his sorry ass.

Jane knew that her niece, a paralegal, would need cash, plus some action, after that draining relationship and its dissolution, so she schemed to get Halleck to pay Rita for sex. Both would get laid, Halleck might have another child, which he really wanted, and Rita would have enough money to pay for the costs she incurred during her relationship with Dick. She already told her niece of her plan, and the girl really went along with it, since not only was Halleck rich, but, according to Aunt Jane, he was great in the sack and reasonably well-endowed.

So, when Jerome, which was what Jane called Halleck by now, had gotten inside, he saw his lover's niece present there, and naturally wondered why.

"I see that Rita is here. You know that I like her, but I thought that this was a date night."

"It is, sweetie- a triple date! She is real forced anal against her will coming along, not as a chaperone, because who'd want that, but as a sex partner for us- both of us!"

"Excuse me? You're suggesting a threesome? That's fantastic- I always knew that you weren't the jealous type, but this would be the that you indicated any interest in a 3-way encounter."

"Jerome, darling, Rita really needs a man to fuck her, since she has not been laid since she was with Dick. She also needs money, so I thought that we should pay her to fuck us- how does that sound? We could divide it, with you paying 2/3 of the cost, since you'll be fucking her more often. I will cover the rest- what do you say- $300 for a session tonight, with more sessions every week?"

"Fine with me- I take it that she wants this?"

"Naturally, my love. I think that I should tell you that too- I am in love with you, Jerry."

"Really? How long has this been the case?"

"For a while, now, I suspect. We have been shagging each other for some 20 years, so it's hardly surprising that I would love you by now. Plus, I've been working for you that long."

"Yeah, it has been 20 years- wow! I was 56 then, and you were 27, just a young, ambitious lawyer with plenty of spunk, and I chose you because of your inventive idea for the defense in my 2nd divorce case-the notion of tacit understanding of extramarital pleasure. I liked that, hired you, and it worked."

"You also started fucking me during the case, remember? Hell, I wanted it as much as you, even then, and we have not stopped sleeping together ever since! I know everything about you, Jerome Halleck, and I love the old, skirt-chasing, greedy curmudgeon that is you."

"Thank you, dear. That means a lot to me, because you have not just been working for my money, and I really feel close to you."

"Good, and I hope that you get closer to my niece as well. You probably won't live to fuck her for 20 years, but she can benefit from your skills and wealth while you live."

"So, Aunt Jane, am I going to be hired, or not? Does Uncle Jerome want me?"

"Uncle Jerome?"

"Yeah, she likes to call you that, and I encourage her, because you do seem rather avuncular to her. Remember that you've known her almost all of her life."

"Yes, she used to sit on my lap."

"She can again, Uncle Jerome!"

At that, Rita planted herself down on Halleck's thighs, wrapping her arms around his neck, and kissing his entire face. He started kissing her back, locking lips with the 24 year old paralegal. She was the youngest woman he had fucked in a long time, and she definitely had the energy to prove it, but it was well worth it to please Jane and her niece.

"What about me?", Jane half-seriously asked, as she began pulling Jerome's shoes and socks, and then sucking his toes. She moved with incredible ease up his legs, kissing and licking his calves, and then unbuckling his belt, to remove his trousers, so she and Rita could suck his . Rita got off him, helping Jane take off his boxers, and slowly began licking his cock, followed by Jane, and they started sharing it for a bit. 

"Oh, Aunt Jane, Uncle Jerome's cock is marvelous! I love it, and I really love that he's paying me to have this kind of fun!", Rita exclaimed.

"I'm paying you, too, so remember to pleasure me when it's my turn!"

"Yes, Aunt Jane, I will do that! I can't believe that I accepted Dick's ultimatum to break up with you the last time we were sex partners, since I could have found a way to achieve a menage a trois if I had really tried, and Dick was no substitute for my darling aunt!"

"Thank you, baby, but let's get back to work- we have a cock to suck!"

"Would you have let me fuck Uncle Jerome if I had chosen you?"

"Well, of course, honey! I've really hoped to get the three of us together for some time now, and I'm glad that you accepted my proposition this time. Now, baby, let's keep sucking our boss!"

"I really am her boss now, as well as yours, aren't I?"

"Naturally, since you're paying most of her expenses."

The girls resumed their fellatory task, getting Jerome quite stiff indeed, as their tongues bathed his penis repeatedly and sometimes in combination. The feeling of 2 women's mouths on his manhood was exquisite. He could not take it much longer, as the ladies kept up their efforts to suck him off. 

Soon, after a few grunts, he told them, quite excitedly, that he was going to come, and they just sucked him even harder to push him over the edge. His phallus spat up a tsunami of cum, spreading it all over their tongues and lips. They licked it up, gargling it in their mouths, and then exchanging it in a wonderfully passionate incestuous kiss. They looked at each other, licked their lips again, and then giggled at what they had accomplished.