The Blue Pill part 2

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
The Blue Pill part 2

You slowly break the kiss as you move to my neck and shoulder and back to my ear as your tongue explores every inch of me…..my passion building higher and higher….ever so slowly as almost in slow motion your trail of kisses get to my chest as you trace the outside of my nipple and suckle it into your mouth…..flicking and rolling it in your mouth…….your hand moves to my pelvic area which is aching for you and your touch….after sensing my body is like on fire you slowly move lower and lower down my chest as you arrive to my hair blowjob porn videos line……my hips thrusting up off the bed begging for the warmness of your mouth, your hand stroking me up and down driving me /crazy/">crazy with desire, your tongue teasing me as you reach my hard throbbingcock.

You lick up the outside.then down the underside moving lower to my balls taking one in your mouth and then the other into your warm wet mouth, gently realeasing it you move back up the underside of my hardness and engulf it in your mouth trying to get all of it in…..touching the back of your throat I feel the suction as you move me in and out of your mouth….up….down…..up …….down…as your hand caresses my balls, letting me slip from your mouth you turn your head just enough to make eye contact with me and in a /sweet/">sweet soft sexy whisper you say “ Getting close….cum for me Bob “…../mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth and down my throat” as my cock disappears deep inside your mouth again….my body thrashing on the bed from side to side and up and down...my passion building higher as you drive me crazy and closer to a slow powerful orgasm…..as your mouth rises up the shaft and then back down taking my manhood to the very back of your mouth ………..sensing I am getting close your mouth lets me go….your hand moving me up and down at a more rapidpace…

Watch your cum splash into my mouth you say as I feel the cum boiling deep inside my loins.. Your hand jerking me faster and faster as you open your mouth tilting it slightly to the side to make sure I have a view….” “ here I cum Baby” I say as my cum explodes from my cock shooting right onto your tongue and to the back of your throat…I moan as my orgasm takes over my body….convulsing as my muscles twitch as I cum….. your mouth closing as a small drop drips down the outside of your mouth you look up at me smiling, your hand still jerking me up and down at a much slower rate now…inching up and kissing my body as you go finally reaching my mouth I lean forward to meet your kiss, our tongues dancing back and forth, we both can taste my love juices in your /wet/hot-wet/">hot wet warm mouth, I wrap you in my arms pulling you tight to me…gently rolling you over as we embracing lost in the moment we are sharing…as our kiss breaks I move down to your chin and up your cheek kissing …licking, reaching your ear my tongue rolling around it sucking it into my mouth.. letting it go I whisper to you “ Rita, I want to feel your /hard/hard-clit/">hard clit pulse in my milf porn videos mouth” a soft moan escapes your lips as your head lays back on the pillow, kisses moving down your neck onto your shoulders and slowly lower as I feel the swelling of your breast, I notice out of the corner of my eye the nipple is rock hard….begging for attention, sticking out my tongue I trace and trail down your breast and around it…..moving up to your nipple draw a circle along the outline of it. 

Teasing it as your chest moves slightly off the bed to meet my mouth, thinking to myself not yet I draw a line with my tongue to the outside and across your chest to your other nipple that is just as hard as the other one, this time opening my mouth sucking it into my mouth, rolling the nipple around with my tongue inside my mouth as my hand moves over your body and down your tummy, reaching your hips feeling the softness of your skin….gently caressing your hips and inner thighs as my hand moves over your body, turning me on as it always does…your nipple slipping from my mouth I inch lower down your body kissing, licking taking in the aroma of your body as I go, pausing when I reach your belly button circling it with my tongue, noticing the smell of your sex if faint, however intoxicating to me as I get closer and closer to your pussy, my kisses and tongue leading the way I reach the very top of your hair line and feel the line of hair on my tongue as I follow it across your body as your hips move slightly back and forth lost in the pleasure we are both sharing….reaching the side of your hair, following it down the side as your legs part and you open yourself to me…leaning forward to place a /kissing/soft-kiss/">soft kiss on your pussy lips, your juices flowing and the smell of your sex makes my heart skip a beat, lightly starting at the bottom and licking up your slit till your clit jumps from the touch of my tongue,…sucking it into my mouth feeling your body tremble as your breathing quickens and your hips rise ever so slightly pushing yourself into my mouth, my tongue darts back and forth across your hard little clit as love juices flow more and more from your sweetpussy….

.sensing you getting close I slow down just as you say “ Bob stop…….no more” lifting my head up slightly I reply “ tonight baby…cum in my mouth” your response was no more than an oohhhh, lower my head back down to your /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy that now has your sex juices flowing freeing from you, I open my mouth taking as much of you into my mouth as possible thinking to myself I could never get enough of you….your body begins gyrating more and more against my tongue and mouth and your breathing gets deeper , I can tell your body real close to letting go with a orgasm and my own body quivers at just the thought….sucking your hard clit into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue and rolling it around in my mouth drives you over the edge as your body starts to push against my mouth as if trying to put my head deep inside you a loud moan comes from your mouth as you grind your hips against my face and tongue as I suck all your love juices into my mouth…..letting you slide from my mouth I kiss my way back up your body eager for a kiss.arriveing at your mouth you have the same idea as you lift your head off the bed to meet me with your mouth open to greet me……a long /kissing/hot-kiss/">hot kiss we share as we now share the taste of your sex as we did mine before….both of us lost in the love and closeness we feel for each other at this moment……..