Screw My Wife

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Screw My Wife

’Come on, baby. Give me that cum. I want that fucking cum,’ said the six-foot blonde.

She was one of the sexiest women that Dave had ever seen in his 50 years of life. Decades ago, he would’ve never been able to get a woman this attractive. It’s amazing what success can do for a man.

Dave had made a career of the military. He mostly served in infantry. He joined when he was eighteen years old and lasted thirty years. Now in his second year of retirement, he just wanted to have as much fun as humanly possible.

Crystal was one of the many ways of accomplishing that. She towered over him at six feet tall. He was only 5-foot-8, but he loved taller women, and he especially loved young women.

Crystal was a high-priced prostitute, but Dave had acquired a gift during his last ten years in the military. He left the physically demanding role of infantryman to become a recruiter. He had the gift of gab. He could talk anyone into doing anything he wanted.

Crystal wanted $1,000 for the night. Dave charmed her for two hours while intoxicating her with glasses of expensive Courvoisier Cognac until she was tipsy and horny like a Spring break tramp, so horny that she was willing to settle for $50.

They arrived at his condo about twenty minutes later. Crystal was sucking his dick the whole ride home. They went to the bedroom as soon as they got in the house.

She pushed him on the bed and started ripping his clothes off. She rode him like a bronco while clawing at his chest with her long, painted nails.

Dave’s cock was hard as a brick, but then, without warming, it started to go limp while Crystal was riding him. No, not again, thought Dave. His cock popped right out. She put it back in and it popped out again as soon as she started moving.

She managed to get him hard again after sucking his cock. She bokep sma pecah perawan lay on her back and Dave rammed her shaven cunt with aggression. He was so hard his cock was throbbing inside of her. Crystal screamed as she wrapped her legs around this older gentleman, surprised at the amount of energy he had.

The bed was rocking and banging against the wall. Her twat was oozing pussy juice all over Dave’s /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. She felt his balls smacking hard against her ass. She had a powerful orgasm as Dave’s muscular frame continued to pound on her tender pussy hole.

She felt his cock start to go limp again inside of her. She smiled and asked, ’Did ya cum, sweetie?’

’No,’ said Dave, disappointment obvious in his voice.

She rolled them over so she could be on top. She kissed his belly, bit his thigh, and started sucking on Dave’s limp cock. ’Come on, baby. Give me that cum. I want that fucking cum,’ she said.

She even licked his balls but old Dave’s cock didn’t seem to be responding. ’Oh, please, baby. Give it to me; I need it. You know I need it. ’ He was limp so she was able to swallow the whole cock and both balls in one gulp. A minute went by, then another minute and another minute’still the same floppy cock.

Dave pushed her head away and started to get dressed. Crystal could see that his pride was hurt. She tried to make him feel better. She said, ’It’s okay, sweetie. It’s bound to happen to all men once in a while.’

’That’s the problem. It doesn’t happen once in a while. It happens every time.’

She gasped, said, ’Get out of here. You mean you’ve never been able to cum?’

’Just get dressed.’

Dave dug a 50-dollar bill out of his wallet and tossed it on the bed. Crystal stuffed it into her bra when she was fully dressed. Dave led her to the door and opened it for her. She said, ’Maybe next time, huh?’

’There won’t be a next time,’ said Dave as he shut the door in her face and locked it.

Straight to the liquor cabinet is where he went next. He poured himself a double shot of Vodka, downed half of it in one gulp and staggered back to the bed. He watched the ceiling become fuzzy as the alcohol took effect. He yawned and reached into his pants.

Visions of his army days started replaying in his mind. His fondest memories were of Germany. That was a man-in-uniform’s dream cum true. German women were eazy when it came to US soldiers. Their husbands didn’t get jealous either. Once, a man in a pub had paid him $20 to have sex with his wife while he watched because he was too drunk to fuck her himself. Germany was a splendid place, in deed.

Dave massaged his hard cock. The thought of fucking that man’s tanned wife had brought the life back into it. He thought of how shocked he was when the man had made the offer. They usually only made these kinds of offers to black men.

He stroked his cock vigorously as he replayed the events in his mind’s eye. He thought of the look on the woman’s face when her husband walked through the door with him and said, ’I’m too drunk tonight. He is fucking you; I will watch.’ Her face was blank and she nodded her head as if this was something they did all time.

He started humping his hand as he thought of the way she laid back and lifted her panties up and off her body, revealing a hairy, /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. They didn’t shave back then like they do now. All women had hairy muffs back then. He felt an orgasm brewing inside as he thought of the way he fucked her horny cunt with gusto as her husband ran around the house naked cheering him on.

A load of hot spunk shot into the air. Most of it landed on his stomach and hands. He reached for the box of tissue that he kept next to his bed for this purpose and wiped it away.

Why? Dave thought as he finished the remainder of his drink. Why can’t I have ever have an orgasm unless I’m masturbating? I’ve been like this since I started watching porn two years ago after I retired.

As he drifted off into a drunken sleep, the answer suddenly surfaced in his head. Watching so much pornography had made him an incurable voyeur. He was so in love with watching other people fuck that he couldn’t have an orgasm any other way.

Dave was a happy man as he drifted off to sleep. He’d finally figured out a way to get his kicks old waman xxxgx and he was going to get started on it first thing tomorrow morning.

Dave woke up and headed straight for his computer. He set up an account at a dating web site. His profile read like this:

I am looking for married men who want to experience the joy of watching their wives having sex on film. This is not a joke. Serious replies only.

He didn’t get that many responses. Most of the people who did respond were assholes who just wanted to know if he was really serious even though he already said he was in the ad.

The other responses were just people who wanted to know why anyone would need him to do that. They could go out and find somebody to fuck their wives easily.

It was true. They didn’t need him, but he quickly thought of a way to make them need him. He re-wrote the ad. It read:

Husbands, if watching your wife’s pussy getting reamed by another man turns you on, how about watching her get fucked by a /male/male-porn/">male porn star?! I have the connections. All you have to do to make it happen is ask.

It was a joke. He wasn’t expecting people to take him seriously, but he had more than a dozen replies within the first two hours. He went to sleep and woke up the next day with more than fifty.

He started to end the joke right there, but he was curious as to how many people would reply, so he left it up. He put the account on hold after a week because he was getting too many responses to keep up with. He had reached triple digits.

That’s when another idea came to him. Instead of buying porn, why not start selling it?

It took weeks, but he made the connections that he needed to start making /amateur/amateur-movies/">amateur movies. The porn stars were real, but he could only afford the unknowns because the big names came with big price tags.

He gave about a dozen of the people who replied a telephone interview. He mainly wanted people who were swingers or at least open-minded about sex. He didn’t want a jealous husband ruining the project. After all, he had to pay the porn star regardless of what happened and Dave hated wasting his money.

He finally decided on pretty, but odd looking couple. Their names were Candy and Jerrock.

Candy was a blonde wearing a velvety shirt and black pants with pumps on her feet. She seemed like an undercover slut from the moment he met her’the kind who seems like a respectable woman at first, but turns into a dirty /freak/">freak when no one’s around.

Jerrock, on the other hand, seemed like the biggest geek you could ever meet. He looked Asian but he might’ve had some Caucasian blood mix in. He was wearing a blue, button down shirt and tan pants. He seemed like the quiet, geeky type who was really good in school and never did anything wrong.

How these two got together was beyond Dave’s belief. She was a stunning woman and he was just your everyday nerd. Dave started wondering if he let her have sex with other men because he couldn’t satisfy her himself.

They went to a hotel in California with a cameraman that Dave had found in the classifieds. He sat on a brown wrap-around couch and talked to Candy and Jerrock while the cameraman got his camera and lights set up.

He put one light in front, one to the side, and one on the other side, but slightly to the rear. That was to get rid of any shadows during filming. He gave them the thumbs-up signal and Dave began to speak.

’So you guys have been married about two years now?’

’Yes, about two years,’ replied Candy.

’Do you swing at all?’

They didn’t but Jerrock’s eyes lit up when he mentioned it.

’You want her to?’ said Dave.

Jerrock started nodding quickly and his smile broadened. He was really shy. Again, Dave wondered how in the world he got with Candy.

To Candy, he said, ’Has it been more your fantasy or Jerrock’s fantasy that you screw a porn star?’

’Both of ours,’ said Candy. ’He likes to watch.’

’Yeah, I like to watch,’ said the dweeb with his Asian accent. It sounded Chinese.

’Now I gotta ask you the question. You said you wanted him to fuck you in the ass too. Does Jerrock fuck you in the ass a lot?’

They nodded yes. /anal/anal-sex/">anal sex captivated Dave because he didn’t know very many people who did it.

’The porn star I got for you is named John Strong. He’s been in a lot of porn. He’s a real gentleman. I think you’re gonna like him.’

’I’m real excited.’

Dave said, ’Good. Why don’t you stand up so we can get a good look at this body one last time before John’holy mackerel.’

Candy had stood up with him. Her clothes fit loosely, but he could see a plump chest behind that shirt and her ass was looking good too. Dave’s cock started getting hard.

’If you were taking your clothes off, how would you take the top off?’

Candy grinned, grabbed her shirt by the bottom and lifted it over her head. Two ripe tits jumped out in his face, which surprised him because her tits were so firm in the shirt that he thought for sure she must’ve had a bra on.

’Whoa!’ Dave barked excitedly, and his boner stiffened a little more.

He complimented the tattoo on her left tit and her beautiful skin tone. He took the shirt and asked if she wasn’t wearing underwear either.

’I am,’ she said.

’Well, when you take those off, I get them.’

She chuckled and turned around so they’d get a shot of her unzipping her pants. She was wearing a black thong that fit nicely up the crack of her juicy ass.

Dave felt that too, and said, ’We’ll get you ready for John so when he comes in here you guys can get a bond going right away.’

She dropped her pants and sat down. She tried to get them off her ankles, but they got tied up somehow, so Jerrock helped out. He couldn’t get them off either. Everybody was all nerves.

’I think you’re husband’s excited too. He’s fumbling around down there too,’ Dave said.

They got them off and Dave picked them up and tossed them aside. Candy was gorgeous right down to her toes. He started giving her a foot massage and asked Jerrock one more time if he was okay with it.

’Oh yeah,’ said Jerrock sounding more eager than anyone else.

’Well I guess I better get John Strong in here. JOHN.’

A white man with huge biceps walked out of the back room. He was wearing a tight shirt and blue jeans. His hair looked like he got a horrible haircut from a military barber. He shook hands with everyone as Dave introduced him.