Suzi and Chris part4

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Suzi and Chris part4

Chris had been gone an hour and Suzi finally removed her face from Millys juicy cunt. They had spent the last 20 minutes eating each others horny pussys, not speaking a word, just moving swiftly from position to position. When at last they did talk it was only about how restricting their positions were. 

Milly lay on the bed next to Suzi, stroking her pussy gently telling her about all the tricks she has over in her house, that she could go make a quick /trip/">trip and come back before Chris got home late that night. Suzi called her a cab.

She lay in bed softly touching herself thinking of what kinds of things Milly would be bringing back with her. She worked in her fingers as she began thinking of Milly sucking her boyfriends cock.... She wanted to see them fuck. She was Going to see them fuck.. Shed already decided.

She was just laying back, breathing deeply from the orgasm she gave herself (though it was nothing on what Milly had done to her since early this morning) when she heard the knock. She skipped to the door and answered it, letting Milly through with a large box in her hands. She followed her into the bedroom. 
Milly placed the box down on the bed and slide off her raincoat, revealing nothing underneath! Shed gone home completely naked under it, and returned the same way... Suzi felt her pussy jerk at the idea. It was only when Milly walked over, and easily slipped her fingers between Suzis pussy lips to rub her clit, that she noticed she herself had answered the door completely naked!

Milly grabbed Suzi by the hips and pulled her to the bed, positioning her on all fours with her ass sticking high in the air. She pulled Suzis legs apart nicely so she could peer perfectly at her neat little pussy, soaked and all as it was. She placed her palm flat on Suzis pussy and began rubbing her excess juices all over. Stroking from her clit, right to her /asshole/">asshole and back down again. Suzi knew what Milly wanted to do and she couldnt wait!!
Even before the thought had finished she felt a finger working into her tight little asshole. Milly was dipping her finger into Suzis cunt every so often, trying to lubricate it, and slowly her tight little hole was begining to give way and losen slightly. Her tongue was next. When she was comfortably fingering Suzis ass with 2 fingers, she pulled out and replaced them with her darting tongue. Slowly licking the rim and poking her tongue in, flicking it inside Suzis asshole.

Suzi couldnt control herself - her hand was moving rapidly between her legs. Milly held her hips tightly and burried her face between Suzis butt cheeks, digging her tongue in so sweetly Suzi was begining to wonder if shed be able to last even another half hour of this treatment. She felt so HOT!
Suzi closed her legs tightly and humped her hand while her orgasm torn through her, Milly drove 2 fingers deeply into her asshole at the precise moment she came forcing Suzi to cum so hard, juice squirted from her pussy and was running down her inner thighs.

Milly spread Suzis legs again. Suzis front half was flat on the bed, her stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv face burried into a pillow while she panted, trying to recover. Her ass was popped right in the air, and her /pussy/sweet-pussy/">sweet pussy exposed again. Milly couldnt help but taste - she slurped at Suzis pussy, licked her wet thighs and flicked her tongue quickly off her sensitive clit. Suzi heard Milly rooting in the box on the bed. Next she knew baby oil was being poured over and into her asshole. Milly was working it in deep quickly, but gently. Milly stroked her clit with her oily finger, and instructed her to "just relax" as she began pushing anal beads slowly into Suzis butt. Suzi moaned everytime her ass resisted against the forgien object, and cried out each time it popped closed after having one inserted. She could feel the beads going deeper and deeper inside her. She almost came from the sensation alone.

Milly finally forced the last thick round bead into Suzis smallest hole, and slapped her ass in approval. Suzi rolled her hips, moving the large balls up and down inside her. She moaned softly at the pleasure she was giving herself. In the meantime, Milly had moved onto the bed, and positioned her juicy pussy directly infront of Suzi. Suzi opened her eyes and couldnt believe what she saw - Millys legs were spread wide before her, and buzzing inside her lucious vagina was a short, thick /vibrator/">vibrator. It was so quiet! Suzi hadnt noticed it being put on, so wondered how long it had been there. Just as her mouth dropped open, Milly pulled out the small vibrator, turned it off, and popped it into Suzis mouth to be sucked clean.
And Suzi sucked.

She was so turned on by the beads in her ass, the smell of Millys cunt, the whole sexual day! - that she sucked the little fake cock as if it was a real one. Milly then showed her something shed never actually seen before - A strap-on.

"Im going to fuck your little pussy /raw/">raw with this now Suzi. Got It." Milly commanded. Suzi simply nodded, too amazed and turned on to argue or ask questions. Milly slipped on the strap-on slowly as she told Suzi to climb ontop of her - she wanted to see those big titties bouncing in her face while she fucked her red. 
Suzi tried to kneel up slightly, but the repositioning of the beads in her anus made her quiver and fall forward, her face landing conviently into Millys /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy. Milly laughed and said "Thats not what I asked you to do" but grinded Suzis pretty face into her soaking hole anyway.

When at last Suzi was able to prop herself up and position herself above the thick, long dildo, Milly reached behind her and swiftly pulled a single bead from Suzis ass. Suzi colapsed immediatly, impailing herself down onto Millys strap-on. She screamed out high and clear. She had felt each and every ball deep inside her ass move, jerk and settle as the strap-on ripped into her, knocking and pressing tightly against each one. Milly humped her, not letting her recover from the shock, knowing it would take mear minutes to release the flood being held by Suzis pussy. 

Suzi raised and lowered herself on the thick rubber cock a few times, but the white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie feeling of being completely stuffed in both holes was too much for her. Milly pushed her back, and pressing her own breasts tightly to Suzis, began to fuck her quickly. Suzi squirmed and kicked, and screamed and clawed at the bed sheets. Milly drove the strap-on so forcefully into her, making sure it rolled against each ball, the thin flesh seperating her anus from her pussy almost feeling non-existant, but giving a sensation shed never dreamed of feeling before. Milly raised herself to a kneeling position and rammed Suzi harder and deeper, at the same time as roughly pulling another bead free from Suzis tight asshole.

Suzi began almost clawing at her clit. "PULL IT OUT! PULL IT OOOUUTT!!" She cried. Milly drove the strap-on deeply into Suzi one last time then pulled it out and just as the first squirt launched from Suzis /cunt/tight-cunt/">tight cunt, she grabbed the end of the beads and pulled them out in one swift movement. Suzi lost control.
Her whole body went into convulsions. Her pussy kept squirting her juices all over Millys face, and when Milly tucked into sucking on Suzis clit, squirted all over her tits too. Milly kept sucking, biting and licking Suzis pussy - she was addicted! She dug her tongue into Suzis cunt and wrapping her lips around her slit, sucked every single drip of juice from her.

Suzi couldnt breath. She had never cum so often in 1 day - she couldnt take anymore! Milly lay ontop of her, and they licked each others juice and cum from their faces before pressing close together, stroking each others parts, and fell asleep waiting for Chris to arrive home.